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Mastering English Composition

Frequently Asked Questions . . .

You may ask:
Why do I need to take a writing course? Can’t I just use the new much hyped artificial intelligence [AI] programs for my writing needs? It’s a fair question. For an answer, let’s ask Bard, Google’s entry into the AI field. Here is my conversation with Bard:

“Will AI eliminate the need to learn English composition?”

“It is unlikely that AI will eliminate the need to learn to write good English. While AI powered writing tools can help with tasks like grammar and spelling, they cannot replace the human touch. Good writing requires creativity, critical thinking, and an understanding of the audience. AI tools can help with some of these tasks, but they cannot replace the human writer.”

(Other AI programs give similar answers.)

So there it is. AI will not dispense with the need to learn the fundamentals of English composition.

Will I have to buy other materials to complete this course?
Good question. You should have a good dictionary, preferably one that is online. There are several choices but the one this course recommends is Dictionary.com. It’s free and has many resources for the writer. Unit 13 has a listing, with some limited commentary, of other resources for the writer. These are books or online writing assistants you may want to get after completing this course.

Do you offer a certificate of completion for this course?
Not at this time. First, in Lucy’s opinion, certificates of the sort referenced are of no real value. Then there is the logistical difficulty of determining whether the person requesting a certificate actually completed the course.

Are there any prerequisites for taking this course?
Another good question. There are no prerequisites as such. But, a basic knowledge of English grammar and verb tenses is required. Some of the finer points of grammar are covered in one of the teaching units. The course is intended for those who speak English as a first language and those who are well grounded in using English as a second language.

Do you offer email or telephone assistance?
No, that is not feasible. The teaching materials are designed to be easily understandable. In some instances, the cautionary instruction is given that the student will have to puzzle over the correct way to complete a particular practice exercise. That is a part of the learning process.