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Mastering English Composition

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“ Unlock your writing potential with Lucy.”

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Who . . .

should take this course in English composition? This course is properly considered a remedial course in English composition. It is for those who, for whatever reason, did not get good composition instruction in high school or college. Or who need a refresher course in the principles of English composition: college students, young professionals, international students, mid-career executives, anyone really who wants to be more confident in writing English, including those who use English as a second language.

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Why . . .

should I take this course? Hear this: The most important investments you will make in your life are the investments you make in yourself. Taking this course is such an investment; it is an investment in you and your future. Mastering English composition skills opens up a world of opportunities for you – superior academic performance, employment opportunities and advancement, improved career success, and many other areas. An excellent writer of the English language will have an easier – and more successful – time making her or his way in the world.

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What . . .

makes this course unique? This course uses the metaphor of brick building for English composition. Just as the music composer has notes to compose music, we writers have words, which we might think of as bricks. We use words – bricks – to make sentences and then sentences, as courses of bricks, to make paragraphs. Once we get paragraph construction under our belt, we create a draft of our writing project and then use editing skills to revise and refine our writing. There’s more to the course – including advocacy writing – but that is the gist of it.There are other online composition courses, but most are more expensive, require a greater time commitment, and don’t teach the skills and techniques that are taught here. If you are conscientious in doing the lessons and practice exercises, you will achieve the same level of proficiency in English composition as other more expensive courses – at less cost and expenditure of time.

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When . . .

The time is NOW. Learning English composition skills is not usually considered a fun way to spend time. We are inclined to procrastinate. But the sooner we get at it, the sooner we learn – to be intentional about word selection, and sentence and paragraph construction in our writing projects. This course will raise your consciousness about these elements of composition when you write. Sooner rather than later is the rule here. And, like riding a bicycle, once you learn them, the principles of composition stay with you for life, although as stated in Unit 14, you will always seek to improve your writing.

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Mastering English Composition

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